Thursday, 19 May 2011


Why did i pick a name like that?

Well, it's one of those wierd things thats stayed in my head since i was a kid. Monkey doodle. I don't know but in my opinion, it rolls of the tongue like Finger Milk. I didn't really plan on making this blog about how messed up i am in the head, because i assure you i am not.

I have another blog, in which i talk about Yu-Gi-Oh!, my favourite hobby. However, sometimes its nice to just write about something else, and post fail videos.

Infact, i'll make it more orientated towards posting funny viral videos and other gems from the world of the internet. Watching videos requires no reading and that makes it easier to just flick over to this blog and watch some funny stuff.

Suggest to me what i should do: About my life, Funny videos or something else?

Here's something to tide you over, for now.


  1. the video is LOL

    I also like yu gi oh, you also watch the anime?

  2. My suggestions: funny things about your life, general funny videos, funny .gifs and pics. But find a way to make your blog unique and engaging.

  3. Don't think you should only do fail videos, interesting videos are just as awesome.
    Here is one I will share with you

  4. Esmeraldo: Yes i do. 5D's was great :)

    Bentyl: Thats the plan. Keep it engaging, and the audience will come back for more.

    Ghostdude: Unfortunately, everyones opinion on what an "interesting" video is different. I will try and cater to everyone :)

  5. Awesome video lol

    You should just post what ever you think is cool and I'm sure lots of people will feel the same way! =D

  6. skateboard fails are the best lol

  7. Oh my god. That bail is nasty but I love it. I actually prefer to watch these bails than actually pulled off tricks!

  8. I'm glad you guys like watching people get hurt :).

    I enjoy it too.